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phylogenetic trees in title

Phylogenetic Independence Test For Serial Independence made easy.
Size: 375 KB
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Test Tester conduct test serial devices test serial device  
Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly A simple tool that generates phylogenetic trees
Size: 129 KB
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species Genome genetics phylogenetic tree  
Majestic Trees Plants & Trees Screensaver A screensaver with unique effects. The lovely images of nature.
Size: 3.19MB
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scenic ilumination scenic trees screensaver  
Trees!! A game that grows on you! Good for education or fun. Build a tree using resources from the elements, and produce 12 pieces of fruit to win the game. Play a friend or with the computer.
Size: 2984K
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build game win game build phylogenetic tree  
Trees See how much you know about trees
Size: 1 KB
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Test quiz Tree Natural Resources weed grow grow  
Decision Trees Create decision trees to help you with your work.
Size: 273 KB
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Create generate solve decision decision advisor  

phylogenetic trees in tags

TreeView X This application was created to help you in managing format tree files.
Size: 2.3 MB
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display open source Simple Tree Format Tree File  
Dendroscope Phylogenetic trees viewer.
Size: 6.7 MB
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viewer view display phylogenetic systematics File Lock  
NJPlot Create phylogenetic trees with this tool.
Size: 1 MB
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Create generate view phylogenetic systematics  
TreeDis Analyze phylogenetic trees with this tool.
Size: 83 KB
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analysis find Finder phylogenetic systematics  
TreeViewJ Analyze phylogenetic trees with the help of this tool.
Size: 4.3 MB
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analyzer analysis Analyze phylogenetic systematics  
PoInTree View phylogenetic trees with the help of this application.
Size: 6 MB
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viewer build visualize phylogenetic systematics  

phylogenetic trees in description

TreeJuxtaposer It handles all kinds of trees, including phylogenetic trees, taxonomic trees, consensus trees, dendrograms from cluster hierarchies, and others.
Size: 2 KB
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viewer view compare phylogenetic systematics  
Rainbow easy to use application specially designed to offer users a toolbox for phylogenetic supertree construction and analysis. Supertrees are phylogenetic trees built from sets of input trees that share so...
Size: 0.78 MB
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convert Create edit download spectral view  
PhyloPattern PhyloPattern is a Java / Prolog API designed to be used to simulate human reading of phylogenetic trees. Bioinformaticians can: annotate its trees, apply complex patterns to a tree to search specific ...
Size: 987 KB
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extractor analysis Analyze Java API extract information  
PhyloWidget and publish phylogenetic trees. It is small, contains a simple yet powerful user interface, and contains many novel features not available in other phylogenetic viewers.
Size: 2.2 MB
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editor view display tree view presentation tree view  
HyperTree Java phylogenetic tree viewer, with a hyperbolic ('fish-eye') view and editing abilities that help in managing very large trees. Main features: [ul][li]visualize large trees with hundreds of nodes or ...
Size: 455 KB
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analysis viewer view tree view presentation tree view  
Dendroscope easy to use tool specially designed to help you view large phylogenetic trees and networks. The application facilitates interactive browsing and editing the trees and allow one to export the result in...
Size: 6.7 MB
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viewer view display phylogenetic systematics File Lock